Les 13 assiettes

The Normandy is rich !!!

Our scallops come from Grandcamp and Port-en-Bessin.

You will taste oysters from Blainville or Cancale.

Sheep are raised in our salted meadows.

Vegetables from Créances or from the "polders" of the bay will go with your meat and fish from our coasts.

Our Livarot, Camembert and Pont l'évêque cheeses are refined and AOC, before finishing around apple and salted butter caramel to sweeten your taste buds.

Generations of manufacturers of Pommeau, Cider and Calvados succeed each other from generations to generations to offer you the best.

You have understood it, the best products of Normandy for a simple and authentic kitchen.


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Les Treize Assiettes
Route de la Quintine
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